Feeling and emotion

For us, viticulture is the search for ideal grapes, whose energy and essence are intact. For this reason, we cultivate in biodynamics, following the lunar and astral rhythms.

Emotion is central to our approach to the plant, because it guides us towards our senses and our feelings.

The harvest begins by tasting the grapes, in search of the balance of the maturity of the skins to preserve minerality and tension



Listening to Montepulciano's purity

The cellar is the place of transformation and listening, here we recognize the character of the wine and support it, waiting for it without forcing until it reaches its balance. We reject prepackaged recipes because they bring approval, we prefer a sartorial approach that favors the natural flow of diversity, which becomes emotion in wine. We manipulate and add less and less, preserving purity, so that our organic and biodynamic wines become the faithful mirror of this little corner of Tuscany.



Essences of nature and Tuscany
Our wines tell a story about Montepulciano and Tuscany;
Our bottles contain the essence of our natural and low intervention philosophy.



Cellar and bottles

Vineyards and biodynamics

tastings and experiences