VinSanto 2010

Vin Santo di Montepulciano D.O.C.

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This meditation wine has its origins in the Renaissance, a time when in our countryside it was traditional to welcome guests with this precious drink.
Today, as then, to produce this wine you need the best grapes, the most loving gestures, proverbial patience and a pinch of healthy madness.
A Vin Santo, worthy of the name, dense, deep and persistent like the history of Tuscany it brings with it.

Scheda Tecnica

Variety: Sangiovese

Vineyards: Pietra del Diavolo

Exposure: sud-est 450 mt above s.l.

Soil: clayey calcareous with a fossil-rich structure

Agriculture: Organic and Biodynamic

Vinification: 100% manual harvest

Withering: at least 5 months

Fermentation and Aging: for 10 years in oak barrels and one in demijohn

Bottling: without clarification or filtering

Production: 346 bottles

Certification: CCPB Organic Wine

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