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Classic method

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This wine is a challenge for us, given that in Montepulciano and in Tuscany there is no real tradition of sparkling wines.
Yet, we believe that the classic method, by distancing the wines from the fruit, can give even clearer and more elegant expressions of the mineral components of the earth from which they come. A thoughtful harvest of the grapes from our Pietra and Cappuccini vineyards to create a luminous, ne and savory allegory of Sangiovese.

Scheda Tecnica

Variety: Sangiovese
Vineyards: Pietra:
South-east facing stone, 450 meters above sea level
Soil: clayey limestone, with sandstone skeleton rich in fossils.
Cappuccini: north facing, 500 meters above sea level
Soil: clayey calcareous, rich in iron with skeleton of Travertine, Granite and Dolomite.
Agriculture: Organic and Biodinamic
Vini cation: 100% manual harvest
Fermentation: spontaneous in tanks of stainless steel
Ageing: 6 months in cement 24 months on fi ne lees Bottling without clarifi cation or filtering and no dosage
Production: 900 bottles
Certification: CCPB Organic wine

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