Olio extravergine di oliva


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Our Extra virgin olive oil
The olives are carefully harvested by hand during the ripening phase: the beginning of the maturation with the transformation of the external colouration towards brown when they are at their maximum potential thanks to the rich presence of “antioxidants” and “polyphenols”.
The oil is extracted at the ambient temperature (cold press) within 24 h. of picking, to respect and maintain the characteristics of these olives, the yield rarely making it to above 13%.
The taste of our extra virgin olive oil is not unambiguous, the thousands of variations in taste and scent depend on the blend of the diff erent olive varieties, and on the variations

within the territory; for this reason we are convinced that our olive oil has a fl avour that can suit every occasion, and so we have maintained the distinctive characteristics that each of our three farms gives to its oil.


This extra virgin olive oil is suitable for all composite dishes such as stews and roasted meats, game, vegetables such as asparagus, silver beet or spinach, with the classic “bruschetta” and it is also ideal with tomatoes bringing out their fl avour and aroma.

This extra virgin olive oil is the perfect accompaniment for a fi sh starter, meat carpaccio, or a porcini mushroom salad, and it improves the fl avour of soups and roasted fi sh.

This extra virgin olive oil is excellent for the seasoning of foods with a delicate taste such as fi sh, white meat, cooked
vegetables and salads and it is ideal also as a dietry supplement for young babies.

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