Somaio 2022

Toscana Bianco I.G.T.

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In ancient times, in the municipality of Mon- tepulciano, the “Somaio” was the one who controlled the quality of the grapes and deci- ded which grapes had to be dried for Vin Santo and which ones had to be vinifid immediately
to give life to white wine. The white wine was made from native varieties, co-fermented with a short maceration on the skins to give vigor and fibre – that was the white wine of the winema- kers! Our Somaio is a conscious homage to that wine. A wine that changes with each vintage, an individual being: you cannot predict it, you cannot control it but you can appreciate it in its

changing personality!


Scheda Tecnica

Variety: Malvasia, Canaiolo bianco, Trebbiano e Grechetto

Vineyards: Cappuccini Exposure: nord, 500 mt above s.l.

Soil: clayey calcareous, rich in iron with a skeleton of Travertine, Granitesand Dolomie

Agriculture: Organic and Biodynamic

Vinification: 100% manual harvest

Fermentation: spontaneous in concrete eggs

Ageing: in clay amphorae

Bottling: without clarification or filtering

Production: 1300 bottles

Certification: CCPB Organic Wine, BIODYVIN biodynamic wine.

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